Easiest way to send and receive patient data

Manage communication and recovery with transition partners. Provide a safe and seamless transition for your patients using Cortex’s Transition Manager. We’ll coordinate the transition with the PCP, case manager, home health, and nursing teams.
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Auto-Upload Documents

1 click to upload all necessary documents out of your EHR.

This includes:

  • Discharge Orders
  • Face Sheet
  • Medication List
  • History and Physical
  • Order Summary
  • Therapy Progress Notes
  • Nurse Progress Notes
  • POLST Record
  • Advance Directives
  • Vaccine Card
  • Medical Progress Notes
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Chat Between Providers

Simple way to discuss patient needs and indicate if the referral is accepted or not.

Copy & Paste

Easy way to extract data from the referral when admitting the patient. Fewer errors.