Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Gain insight into patient health during transitions, with real-time alerts when a patient returns to the hospital.

Your patient’s care doesn’t end at discharge. Gain visibility into your patient’s care across the care continuum, discover clinical concerns prior to a readmission, and learn from prior readmission to prevent future readmissions.

RN Callers Discover Clinical Gaps
Patients who just returned home are the most vulnerable for falls, missed medications and other clinical gaps. With Cortex, we call each patient to help spot concerns before they become a costly readmission.
Real-time Hospital Alerts
Real-time notifications when your patient returns to any hospital, so you can work to mitigate the patient’s care.
Transition Documents Between Providers
Track, coordinate, and manage a patient’s transition to ensure smooth handoff to the next phase of care. Avoid NTUCs.