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We've used Cortex for years as a collaborative tool with the providers that we send patients to. The power of Cortex is to hold everyone accountable for patient satisfaction, readmission rates, NTUCs, and much more.

From using Cortex, we've been able to prove that our affiliates have higher quality care while also taking some of our most difficult patients.

We also use it to help ensure that we reasonably share the payer mix between our network.

Juan M. Hernandez, RN, MSN
Director of the Post-Acute Care Collaborative
University of Utah Hospital

Old data is dead data.
Cortex is real-time.

Make care and network decisions based on real-time data that is transparent, accurate and easy to digest.

Track Referral Patterns to SNF and Home Health

Track when patients admit and discharge from Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Agencies.

Easy visualization by our "Patient Flow Analytics"

Monitor Patient Satisfaction in Post-Acute

Stack rank your referral partners by patient satisfaction.

Listen to call recordings of patients who've had concerns, see the notes that the SNF or home health of their reaction to the concerns. All in real-time!

Measure Readmission Rates by PAC provider in real-time

Track the real-time readmission rates of all providers you send patients to. 

Easy solution to hold everyone accountable. Dig into each readmission and discover problems.

Hold your partners accountable for patient care.

Differentiate between preferred/affiliate providers

Setup your affiliated providers and track them separately in Cortex. 

Analytics automatically show your affiliate vs your non-affiliate providers off all key stats.

Hold providers accountable

Chat with your referral partners in Cortex.

Analytics have privacy mode so you can publicly show core trends in network wide meetings.

Observation of data is key to improving results. Providers behave better when they know you can see the results.