Leading Healthcare Providers Use Cortex

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We received a notification of an opportunity to follow up with a patient reporting several clinical concerns, including a recent fall. We were able to receive an order that afternoon with the detail we provided from the Cortex notification and my follow-up.

Lisa Zindel

OneCare Home Health

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Cortex has been instrumental for us in gathering data to improve our performance and also preventing 30-day readmissions.

Erik Iverson

Legacy Healthcare

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Opportunities really made it click for our team. It makes it so easy to see exactly what we need to focus on. In our first month, we assisted 12 patients that were in need of additional care.

Dustin Delahoussaye

Nursing Specialties

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I don't know how you can go without it. 90% of our customer touch outside of our facility is coming from Cortex. It's our way of accomplishing good care and good outcomes.

Eddie Keele

Mission Health