Grow Your Post-Acute Census

Find more patients in need of your care Increase your census by identifying patients eligible for more care, get opportunities and alerts when patients are back in the hospital, and receive referrals.

Identify Eligible Patients

Many of our customers use our RN follow-up calls to discover clinical concerns of patients they previously cared for. If it makes sense for the patient, they will take them back on service.

Many of our customers also use hospital alerts to discover patients who will soon likely need their services again. 

This is great for the patient as hospitalizations are avoided and they get better care in a setting that is comfortable to them, with a team they are already familiar with.

Impress Your Referral Partners
Hospitals typically prefer to send to providers who are great at keeping patients out of the hospital. We find many of our customers brag about these skills they've learned via Cortex.