Employee Surveys

Text or email surveys to your employees. 
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Onboarding Surveys

Survey your new employees to make sure there are no obvious gaps that you can patch.

Annual Surveys

Annual pulse on your employees. We recommend doing this on their anniversary so you get a "rolling sample" of employee feedback year round.

Exit Surveys

Survey your departing employees with a tailored set of questions that make sense to gather their feedback in a friendly way.

React like a boss

Cortex enables leaders to operate like a the boss their team deserve.

Text, Email or QR Code
Cortex automates all outgoing messages and matches the most likely way your team will respond to the survey.
Instant Feedback
Employee survey responses are available minutes after they are submitted.
Allow Anonymous Responses
You can pick if employees have the option of answering anonymously or not.
Send Gift Cards via Cortex
Rewarding your team has never been easier with a few clicks in Cortex you can send giftcards to your team members.
Compare Results
We have customers with hundreds of locations that use this feedback to stack-rank all locations and discover trends and concerns to directly improve the employee experience.