Tailored Pricing

Cortex Software Access Fees are decided by size of your organization and the features you'd like. 

We support a predictable monthly rate, or a per-patient or per-call rate which has more variety.

CheckUp Calls by USA based RNs

You only pay per successful call. The rate depends on the complexity of your needs and if you go beyond our templated scripts.

We support many languages and charge a little more for calls beyond English.

A successful call means something new was learned. In the overwhelming majority of successful calls, this means the Cortex Registered Nurse was able to ask questions and receive answers. Examples of other outcomes categorized as successful include learning the patient is deceased, learning the number is incorrect, or learning the patient is on-service at a new location.

What is included?
Your software access fee covers your data importation, Web App & Mobile App, Opportunities Engine, Patient Profile and Comments, Reports & Analytics, Email & Push Alerts
What's optional?

CheckUp Calls, Hospital Alerts, Gift Cards, Reputation Manager and getting Google Reviews, Employee Experience Surveys, In-House Surveys, and Network Manager.

For Gift Cards sent via Cortex, we charge a $1.95 fee per card beyond the card amount.