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Clinical Outcomes

Cortex is the post-acute software platform for identifying new
care needs and improving outcomes

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Up to 73% of your data is going unused, and the rest is underutilized. Improve performance with Cortex and pull in data from your EHR, hospital ADT messages, patient surveys, and employee feedback to generate real outcomes improvement.

    Patient Needs

    Identify patient care needs from discharged patients and participate in more preferred networks. Our customers provide better care for patients throughout recovery, not just during the initial episode.

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    Clinical Outcomes

    Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions by 44%. Receive alerts when a patient is at high risk of hospital admission, allowing you to intervene and prevent penalties.

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    Patient Experience

    Measure, monitor, and improve patient experience by adding patient calls and surveys to your arsenal. Our customers are driving patient experience improvements by over 30% annually.

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    Employee Retention

    Retain employees by highlighting opportunities to celebrate the unsung acts happening every day in your operation. Cortex provides critical staff and patient feedback so you aren’t up late at night.

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    Employee Retenting for Post-Acute

Network Performance

Cortex post-acute software allows healthcare entities to monitor performance of their post-acute networks, including the following indicators and entities:

  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Health Systems and Hospitals
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Insurance Plans and Payers
  • CMS BPCI Conveners
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    Randi Garvin,  Transitional Care Coordinator, Zions Way Home Health and Hospice in Cedar City, Utah “We were able to learn that some of our former patients had declined since coming off of our services and ...” Continue Reading
  • Mary Roskelley,  Horizon Home Health and Hospice in Salt Lake City, Utah “I followed up on a rehospitalization alert I received from Cortex and noticed one of our patients...” Continue Reading
  • Lisa Zindel,  OneCare Home Health and Hosice in Draper, Utah “We received a notification of an opportunity to follow up with a patient reporting several clinical concerns, including...” Continue Reading

Cortex Platform

More Brain Power

Cortex helps you prioritize opportunities, so you have the headspace to focus on the best patient care and outcomes.

Make People Better

When employees go above and beyond, or when patients need help, take action. Cortex identifies opportunities for you to make a real impact on the lives of patients and employees.

Sharper Results

CMS and claims data are crucial to make informed decisions, but waiting can be costly. Cortex enables you with accurate data, shortening reaction time and improving agility throughout the organization.


Patient Profiles

Cortex merges patient data to create longitudinal patient profiles, enabling better understanding of a patient's history.

Secure Messaging

Messaging between providers helps post-acute providers and network partners stay on the same page throughout a patient's recovery.

Mobile Friendly

Cortex was built for providers on the go—a common scenario in the post-acute world. Cortex is available on the mobile web, including Android and iOS apps.

By Post-acute for Post-acute

As experts in the post-acute industry, we speak your language. We’ve built the platform we wish we had in your shoes.

Speedy Support

Your needs aren’t confined to the business day. When you need us, we’re available via email and 24/7 direct in-app chat.

Registered Nurse Marketplace

Staffing is tight—leverage over 150 of our registered nurses to keep your facilities running and your patients cared for.

HIPAA Compliant

The Cortex platform is built on the latest secure web and mobile technologies, with end-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit) of patient data.

Exceptional User Experience

We take user experience very seriously. Our customers rave about the ease-of-use with our products and apps.