Discover and Predict


Discover and predict negative outcomes before they cause a readmission


Cross-Continuum Knowledge


Share knowledge between healthcare providers


Data Driven Decisions


Use 3rd party verified data to make decisions when evaluating a network


Solutions for Providers



Skilled Nursing Facilities


Home Health Agencies


Products and Features



Make and share follow-up calls

  • Outsource to a team of registered nurses.
  • Responses are immediately reported back to you.

Prevent and track readmissions

  • Receive real-time alerts for patient hospital visits.
  • Track and analyze readmissions to improve preventative actions.

Measure and improve network performance

  • Gather key metrics of network partners.
  • Assess performance with powerful analytics tools.

Track bundled payments

  • Track episodes of care by outcomes and cost results.
  • Work with a network to provide beneficial results for in the network.

Improve star ratings

  • Discover dissatisfied patients and mend the situation.
  • Improve all patient care by analyzing trends and common concerns.

Track patients through the entire episode of care

  • Maintain a continuous stream of knowledge between all healthcare providers on patient history and current status.

Impress referral sources

  • Use 3rd party verified data to show your readmission rate and satisfaction scores.
  • Level the playingfield between healthcare providers by focusing on results.

Measure employee satisfaction

  • Discover honest feedback from employees through anonymous employee satisfaction calls.
  • Prevent costly employee turnover.