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Proactively Check in with Your Patients
at Home

Now is the time. Cortex provides real-time patient updates for healthcare providers through our live nurse follow-up calls, hospital alerts, performance metrics, and more.

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COVID-19 Response
Crisis Board & Command Center

Now is the time to be proactive and ensure the safety of your patients recovering at home or at a facility. See what Cortex is doing to help during this pandemic and how you can participate.

  • Villa Healthcare
  • Covenant Care
  • Ensign Group
  • HCA
  • Legacy Health Care
  • Avalon Healthcare


With Cortex, skilled nursing, home health, clinics, and hospitals can aggregate data from their EMR, patient follow-up calls, hospital ADT messages, and patient surveys to improve clinical outcomes across the care continuum

Cortex Products
CheckUp™ Calls

Manage patient at-home recovery with follow-up calls from our team of Registered Nurses.

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Readmission Manager

Receive hospital alerts when a patient visits the emergency department or readmits in-patient.

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Network Manager

Monitor the performance of your ACO, network, or post-acute partners.

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Transition Manager

Improve coordination, communication and patient recovery within your network.

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Patient Surveys

Manage care, feedback, or regulatory reporting with our patient survey platform.

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Employee Surveys

Improve employee satisfaction and engagement with our specialized post-acute survey platform.

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Healthy Living Network Uses Cortex to Adapt Behavior and Improve Performance

Caroline Breeding, President and Co-Founder of the Heathy Living Network discusses how using Cortex has helped improve outcomes and community perceptions.

Surrounded by Excellent Customers

Hundreds of post-acute providers and hospitals have chosen Cortex to help them identify clinical and census growth opportunities

"We received a notification of an opportunity to follow up with a patient reporting several clinical concerns, including a recent fall. We were able to receive an order that afternoon with the detail we provided from the Cortex notification and my follow-up."

Lisa Zindel
OneCare Home Health & Hospice
OneCare Home Health

“Cortex has been instrumental for us in gathering data to improve our performance and also preventing 30-day readmissions.”

Erik Iverson
Legacy Healthcare
Legacy Healthcare

“Opportunities really made it click for our team. It makes it so easy to see exactly what we need to focus on. In our first month, we assisted 12 patients that were in need of additional care.”

Dustin Delahoussaye
Nursing Specialties Home Health & Hospice
Nursing Specialties

"I don't know how you can go without it. 90% of our customer touch outside of our facility is coming from Cortex. It's our way of accomplishing good care and good outcomes."

Eddie Keele
Ensign Group
Ensign Group

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Action-Based Opportunities Platform

Cortex prioritizes notifications to help your team focus on which patients are at the greatest risk of readmission or in need of additional care.

Opportunities Platform

Better Opportunities.
Better Outcomes.

With our proprietary, real-time patient data and third-party sources generating actionable Opportunities, care providers have vastly improved focus, response times, and network performance. Categories include patient needs, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and employee retention.

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Patient Needs

A chance to bring a patient back on service

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Clinical Outcomes

When a patient is at-risk or needs adjusted care

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient feedback that can be used to improve your operation

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Employee Retention

Take action on individual team member reviews

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