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Patient Follow-Up Calls by Registered Nurses

500+ Registered Nurses make and record HIPAA-compliant calls to your patients from your phone number.
Auto patient sync. Any frequency. Any script.

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Retain Patients

Establish loyalty, identify patients eligible for more care, and reacquire former patients.

Reduce Hospitalizations

Identify developing clinical concerns before patients return to the hospital.

Improve Satisfaction

Track and monitor key elements of the patient experience with unbiased feedback.

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Detailed Call Logs

Elevate your staff to focus on the details gathered in calls, rather than focusing on making calls. Our system will manage who to call, when to call, and what to say based on your preferences.


Our Success team will help you configure the scripts for each use case you want to solve.


As soon as a call is completed, the results are available for your review. Alerts are sent to your email and mobile device.

Audio Recordings

Every call is recorded and available both as an audio file and a call transcript, enabling you to dig deeper when needed.

Nurse Notes

Our US-based Registered Nurses take detailed notes and ask probing questions when clinically necessary to empower you with valuable data.

CheckUp Call Platform
  • Villa Healthcare
  • Covenant Care
  • Ensign Group
  • HCA
  • Legacy Health Care
  • Avalon Healthcare

Rich Analytics

Track patterns, trends, and benchmarks using dynamic analytics and a suite of reports. Customers use our reports to improve operations and to share meaningful insights with partners.

Trends and Comparisons

Understand performance over time, identify issues, and stack rank affiliate locations.

Industry Benchmarks

Track your performance against similar healthcare markets at a micro and macro level to see how you stack up.

Measurable ROI

Every outcome in Cortex can have a dollar ROI tied to it, driving real-time ROI reporting and insights.

Upstream Bragging

Cortex reports are designed to showcase the great work you are doing with patients, and are shareable.

Opportunities Platform

Built for the Patient Journey

Measure, monitor, and improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes across the care continuum

  • Home Health
    & Hospice
  • Skilled
  • Hospital &
    Health System
  • Primary &
    Specialty Care
  • Mental Health
    & Addiction
  • Insurance
    & Payer
  • Government
    & Public
  • Home Health & Hospice

    Our Home Health, Hospice, and Home Care customers benefit from frequent check-ins with patients. Calls can be made to patients while they are on service or post-discharge, and serve a variety of organizational goals.

    Reacquire past patients in need of more care

    Follow-up calls frequently identify patients in need of in-home therapy and nursing care

    Measure patient satisfaction

    Address satisfaction concerns before CAHPS go out and share praise online and with employees

    Identify on-service clinical concerns

    Ability to rate the call quality and nurse performance

  • Reacquire patients discharged within 30 days

    Bring patients back onto service if they struggle at home without a 3-day qualifying stay

    Measure patient satisfaction

    Evaluate overall satisfaction as well as department-specific scores (with comparable industry benchmarks)

    Evaluate Home Health partners

    Follow-up calls enable SNF's to measure the satisfaction and experience of patients discharged with home health

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    With more pressure than ever for Nursing Facilities to ensure patients successfully transfer home, follow-up calls provide a great solution to monitor and intervene when patients struggle. Additionally, measuring satisfaction can satisfy state requirements for quality improvement initiatives.

  • Hospital & Health System

    Hospitals use Cortex to evaluate downstream post-acute partner performance, enabling rich post-acute relationships and better patient referrals. Additionally, Hospitals and Systems can complete their own patient follow-up calls with Cortex (either with our RN Network or with existing staff).

    Evaluate post-acute performance

    Rich dashboards enable real-time tracking readmission rates, satisfaction, LOS, and more

    Reduce penalizing readmissions

    Follow patients discharged to post-acute care with phone calls and intervene before the readmission

    Complete Patient Follow-up Calls

    Utilize the Cortex HIPAA-compliant call platform to complete calls, with your own staff or our RN's

  • Track therapy adherence

    Recurring calls to ensure patients have medications filled and are taking them as prescribed increase positive outcomes

    TCM, CCM, and CPO

    Cortex can manage your Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management, and Care Plan Oversight efforts, all of which are reimburseable

    Evalute patient experience

    Understand real patient experience from the voice of the patient

    Primary & Specialty Care

    Physicians and clinics utilize Cortex to help them understand what is happening with patients when they are not in their office, enabling more proactive healthcare at the right time.

  • Mental Health & Addiction

    Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Recovery providers are the fastest growing segment of healthcare in America as of 2020. As more focus comes to these important care services, Cortex is here to assist with follow-up calls to alumni from your programs as well as a means of sharing patient data between organizations (i.e., detox to inpatient recovery).

    Follow up with alumni

    CheckUp Calls by Registered Nurses uncover a variety of issues alumni from in-patient programs are experiencing

    Regular accountability check-ins

    Proactive outreach to help your patients with accountability in addiction recovery adds tremendous value to your program

    Shared calls

    Often the recovery journey for mental health will involve multiple providers; calls can be shared with each provider assisting in the patient's recovery

  • Evaluate plan experience

    Conduct surveys to members to evaluate their satisfaction and experience with your plan

    Manage High-Risk Populations

    Telephone follow-up calls, real-time hospital alerts, and real-time post-acute encounter information at your finger tips

    Automatic RFP's

    Utilize Cortex to measure real-time performance of post-acute networks across metrics like re-hospitalization rate, average length of stay, average cost per stay, and more

    Insurance & Payer

    Focus on high-risk members with telephone outreach by Registered Nurses or your own staff, enabling more effective case management. Advanced features within Cortex share dashboard on network performance in care delivery and member experience.

  • Government & Public

    For state and local health departments, Cortex helps you with contact tracing, patient care coordination with post-acute partners, and nurse-supported hotline services.

    Contact Tracing

    Call patients, discover recent contact, and educate on safety protocols, including COVID-19

    Inbound Call Support

    Fully-managed or overflow for your state or local support hotlines

    Crisis Care Coordination

    Collaborate patient care with our crisis dashboard among post-acute providers.

Getting started is easy


Connect EHR

The integration team at Cortex is proud to have been successful in pulling patient records from every EHR our customers have used to date. Talk to our team about supported systems (including custom data pulls).


Choose Call Frequency

Cortex can make calls to patients currently on-service or that have been discharged recently. Choose how many calls to make to each patient, and when to make them based on patient status.


Customize Call Script

We've made 500,000 calls and counting, and have a call script for almost any scenario. Start with our template or create a custom call script with our Customer Success Team.


Review Calls

Review Completed Calls and Opportunities. Each call is recorded and if you want to make adjustments to your script, just let our Customer Success team know.

Let's get you started

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Real Customer Success

Hundreds of post-acute providers and hospitals have chosen Cortex to help them identify clinical and census growth opportunities via follow-up calls to their patients.

"We received a notification of an opportunity to follow up with a patient reporting several clinical concerns, including a recent fall. We were able to receive an order that afternoon with the detail we provided from the Cortex notification and my follow-up."

Lisa Zindel
OneCare Home Health & Hospice
OneCare Home Health

“Cortex has been instrumental for us in gathering data to improve our performance and also preventing 30-day readmissions.”

Erik Iverson
Legacy Healthcare
Legacy Healthcare

“Opportunities really made it click for our team. It makes it so easy to see exactly what we need to focus on. In our first month, we assisted 12 patients that were in need of additional care.”

Dustin Delahoussaye
Nursing Specialties Home Health & Hospice
Nursing Specialties

"I don't know how you can go without it. 90% of our customer touch outside of our facility is coming from Cortex. It's our way of accomplishing good care and good outcomes."

Eddie Keele
Ensign Group
Ensign Group