Meet the team

The Cortex team is driven to assist post-acute providers in their mission to care for patients. We are originally known for making follow-up calls to patients after discharge from the hospital. Since that time we have become a full-featured software platform for post-acute providers, sitting alongside the EHR to generate opportunities for positive healthcare outcomes.

Riley Adamson

Founder and CEO

Sarah Stevens, RN

VP of Innovation

AJ Smith, RN

VP of Clinical Managed Services

Alyssa Pitts, RN BSN

VP of Customer Success

Nolan Essigmann

Software Architect and Engineering Manager


Chief Happiness Officer

Brandon Olson

Software Engineer

Sara Carpenter

Call Team Manager

Jesika Crouse, MSN, MBA

Healthcare Outcome Consultant

Alexandria Laughlin, CHW

Healthcare Outcomes Consultant

Jeremy Adamson

Data Integrations Expert

Kristen Hijek, LPN

Customer Success Manager

April Hall, RN, BSN

Operations Manager

Megan Leishman

Customer Success Manager

Clarissa Youngberg

UX Designer

Caitlyn Bennett

Project Manager

About Cortex

Great clinical outcomes, patient experience, and employee retention are necessary to exist as a modern post-acute provider.
Our software enables post-acute providers to impress network partners with these improved outcomes and identifies past patients with new care needs.

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An idea!

Riley Adamson graduated from college as a product designer in spring 2015 and founded Cortex that fall. The idea came from knowing that readmission penalties were a tough problem. He believed calling patients during their recovery would help solve some of the issues and highlight the data to improve systematically.


First Home Health Customer

Our first customers were home health agencies who wanted to measure their NPS score with current and former patients while identifying opportunities to provide more care.

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First Skilled Nursing Customer

Our first SNFs were looking for ways to stand out against their competition. They systematically tracked and improved core satisfaction measures to become best-in-state.


First Hospital Customer

Our first hospital customer was St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. Bob Bassett was Director of Case Management and helped us tremendously. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly a few years after. 

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Investment from Susa and Ludlow Ventures

We're extremely grateful to Susa and Ludlow Ventures, both top tier venture capital groups, who believed in our mission and team.


COVID Call Centers

During COVID we employed hundreds of RNs to help staff remote call centers for 5 States. This was extremely helpful for Cortex, the RNs and the people across America who needed guidance from a clinical expert.