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We extensively use Cortex to monitor patient and staff satisfaction. We've solved so many issues we didn't know existed.

Cortex makes it extremely easy to see how everyone within our organization ranks so we can make sure we're systematically improving.

The Voice of The Patient is incredibly important to us and having RNs call patients to gather their feedback is far superior than anything else I've ever used.

Jared MacDonald
Ensign Services

Our tools and services

Cortex is a powerful software platform used by SNFs across the country to track and measure improvement programs.

See national percentiles and stack-ranked lists within your organization. We serve many of the largest SNF providers in helping them establish rewards and bonus structures for their leaders.

CheckUp Calls

US-based Registered Nurses make recorded HIPAA-compliant calls to your former patients while they recover at home. Use the results of these calls to measure NPS, fulfill CoreQ requirements, improve internal systems and brag to your network providers. 

Cortex shows your national percentile of core metrics. Use the audio of patient calls to convince your team on how and where to improve.

Hospital Alerts

Real-time alerts notify you when any current or former patient goes to any hospital in certain regions. This is often used to help mitigate patient risks and often it's reasonable the patient goes back to your SNF instead of admitting to the hospital.

Employee Surveys
Onboarding, annual and exit surveys sent to employees via text or email. See your stack-rank within your organization and analytics to show how to improve.
Transition Manager
Easiest way to electronically refer patients to home health and other services. We're often referred as "the best friend" of the discharge coordinator.