Improve Patient Satisfaction

Gather Valuable Feedback & Implement Solutions

RN Follow-up Calls

Our RNs are great listeners. They sympathize with the patient or family member and listen to their complaints. Often this is enough to resolve the issue. People often just want to be heard.

Alerts on Concerns

Get real-time alerts on concerns our RNs couldn't resolve. Listen to the audio of the call and understand exactly what the concern is.

Systematically Fix

Use our comparative analytics to know where your pitfalls are and how to fix them.

Resolving Concerns, Restoring Confidence

That's the power of empathetic listening.

Cortex's Patient Satisfaction Tools

This is the toolkit we've created for Patient Satisfaction after years of working side by side with leaders in the post-acute space.

CheckUp Calls

Everyone wants to feel heard and valued. Our CheckUp calls are a great tool for boosting satisfaction and giving you visibility into opportunities for improvement and staff to praise.

Opportunity Alerts

One of our data sources has created an opportunity for you. Send this to whoever needs to take action right within Cortex.

Employee Satisfaction Tools

Our employee experience tools directly impact your patient satisfaction because the happier they are, the better they be.