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Network Manager

Discover what providers are the best to work with.

Prove your organization is a reliable partner right now by 3rd party, real-time data.


Continuum Comparison

  • Track key performance indicators of all your downstream partners in real-time. This includes average length of stay, cost per stay and CheckUp satisfaction ratings.
  • Slice data by acuity, payer and location.

Not self-reported data

  • The data are reliable because they are directly reported to Cortex from patients and from providers' EHR.
  • Save countless hours not worrying about creating and deciphering custom Excel spreadsheets.

Level the playing field

  • Make network decisions based on data.
  • Make your network a meritocracy.
  • Providers who take higher acuity patients are shown.

Real-time data

  • With Cortex, see accurate data in real-time.
  • Do not wait up to 18 months to get the same data from CMS.
  • Transparency is the future of healthcare.