Customer testimonials on CheckUp follow-up calls

CheckUp calls help us ensure patients are successful at home

Example of a CheckUp call helping prevent a readmission

CheckUp calls help us prevent rehospitalizations before they happen

CheckUp calls help us gauge patient satisfaction and discover transition failures

Improved discharging process because of data

Feedback from CheckUp calls help us implement changes

Examples of how real-time status of discharged patients improves SNFs


Customer testimonials on Readmission Alerts

We’ve been able to divert multiple readmissions

Patients come back to our building because we know when they rehospitalize

Real-time notifications of readmissions help communicate with hospital

Readmission alerts help bring patients back onto service

Proactive actions from readmission alerts


Customer testimonial on impact to their network

Helps SNFs hold home health agencies accountable 

Cortex has allowed community to find high quality partners 

Cortex enables the continuum of care to have conversations in one place 

Measure home health agencies with real data instead of self-reported 

Continuum of care is using Cortex to analyze how to prevent readmissions 

Cortex helps us hold home health agencies accountable 

Cortex helps hold everyone accountable 

Cortex helps you get ahead of competitors 

Cortex helps all the providers involved