Customer testimonials on CheckUp follow-up calls

Real-time data helps us make changes quickly 

CheckUp calls provide a feedback loop to improve care 

CheckUp calls help patients voice concerns and providers take action

Feedback from CheckUp calls help us become a better agency 

CheckUp calls help us have higher patient satisfaction 

CheckUp calls help us prevent readmissions in real-time

Information provided by Cortex helps us create a better patient experience

CheckUp helps improve patient care and data helps getting new referral sources 


Customer testimonials on readmission alerts

Readmission alerts has helped us decrease our readmission rates 

We’ve significantly seen our hospitalizations decrease 

Readmission alerts help us prevent readmissions and communicate with community 

Readmission alerts help us become a better agency and recapture more patients 


Customer testimonials on Cortex impact to their network

Cortex helps us show we are a reliable partner 

Cortex helps narrowed networks collaborate on each readmission

Results measured in Cortex help get into insurance provider networks 

Collaboration on patient history helps us provide better care 

Marketing is no longer word-of-mouth, it’s about data 

Shared information helps us put better systems in place 


Cortex is easy to use and valuable

A single platform for all of this has been really useful 

Cortex has been a great tool for us to use