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Powerful analytics engine providing insightful trends and benchmarks Background
Powerful analytics engine providing insightful trends and benchmarks

Reports and Analytics

Powerful analytics engine providing insightful trends and benchmarks

Turn your survey data into easy-to-understand, actionable reports.

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Intuitive Reporting

Reports within the Cortex Platform are designed for ease of use and understanding.

Real-time Results

Data gathered through multiple sources are instantly analyzed, so you don’t have to.

Automated Summary

Customize your preference to receive reports on your schedule.

Gain Visibility

Cortex analyzes data gathered from a variety of sources to provide you with reports for all your operational departments. Reports are gathered in Key Performance categories to help you gain visibility into the pulse of your organization:


See detailed reports into patient reacquisition efforts


Gain visibility into referral flow and compare metrics across the care continuum


Dive into patient risk, transition metrics, and key clinical survey responses


Review resident surveys, compare satisfaction statics, and track satisfaction trends


Analyze and assess employee survey data to improve operational responses

Gain Visibility

Know Your Results

Our Reports Platform is your centralized location for all the Key Performance Indicator metrics that drives a successful post-acute operator.

  • View operational performance at-a-glance. Quickly access satisfaction scores, readmission analysis, or closed opportunities.
  • Share with your network partner to showcase your capabilities, or review the performance of your downstream partner.
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How We're Different:

There is no shortage of platforms that surface insights for post-acute providers. Cortex doesn’t just surface insights, we act on them with you, with an eye toward full end-to-end operational improvement. As former post-acute operators ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to help your organization become a top provider in your market.

We surface information others don’t - we focus on full operational and clinical improvement, from internal staff engagement, to ensuring patients are happy and healthy at home.

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