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We can help you find great talent. Background
We can help you find great talent.


We can help you find great talent.

Leverage our recruiters so your HR team can focus on what matters - the actual interviews. Fill out the form below to get started with our recruiting services.

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We help companies of all sizes source healthcare talent.

Especially nurses, CNA's, and other direct-care staff. Let us help you find team members that stick around. We only get paid if they do.

How It Works

We will send over a short agreement to ensure we are all on the same page about this process (electronically to make things easy). Once this agreement is signed, we make billing seamless and easy using our auto-pay platform. Attending a kick-off call will help our recruiting team understand your current staffing needs and give you direct access to your dedicated RN recruiter.


There is a one-time implementation fee of $100 to kick-start the recruiting process. We are committed to affordable staffing; therefore, there are no recurring monthly fees. We only charge 5% of the annualized pay of a recruit once they work for you for 30 days. If they don't stay for at least 30 days, you don't pay. We want to be aligned with your goals for retention.

Our Process

Our recruiters regularly post job ads to our internal network of nurses and on common job boards to attract talent. We respond to inbound interest almost instantaneously, ensuring candidates don't move on to other roles. We over-communicate with both the candidate and your internal HR team to make sure the entire hiring and onboarding process goes smoothly. We work hard to ensure candidates show up for their interviews, and relay feedback from the candidate to you about the onboarding process.

Optional Employee Surveys

Many of our clients find it helpful to establish a baseline of current employee satisfaction. Recruiting Services customers are eligible for a one-time Employee Survey to all of their team members for $100. Our surveys go out via text and email to your employee roster, and results are available in real-time in the Cortex Platform.

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