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Patient Follow-Up Calls by Registered Nurses. Background
Patient Follow-Up Calls by Registered Nurses.


Patient Follow-Up Calls by Registered Nurses.

500+ Registered Nurses make and record HIPAA-compliant calls to your patients from your phone number. Auto patient sync. Any frequency. Any script.

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Retain Patients

Establish loyalty, identify patients eligible for more care, and reacquire former patients.

Reduce Hospitalizations

Identify developing clinical concerns before patients return to the hospital.

Improve Satisfaction

Track and monitor key elements of the patient experience with unbiased feedback.

Detailed Call Logs

Elevate your staff to focus on the details gathered in calls, rather than focusing on making calls. Our system will manage who to call, when to call, and what to say based on your preferences.


Our Success team will help you configure the scripts for each use case you want to solve.


As soon as a call is completed, the results are available for your review. Alerts are sent to your email and mobile device.

Audio Recordings

Every call is recorded and available both as an audio file and a call transcript, enabling you to dig deeper when needed.

Nurse Notes

Our US-based Registered Nurses take detailed notes and ask probing questions when clinically necessary to empower you with valuable data.

CheckUp Call Platform

Rich Analytics

Track patterns, trends, and benchmarks using dynamic analytics and a suite of reports. Customers use our reports to improve operations and to share meaningful insights with partners.

Trends and Comparisons

Understand performance over time, identify issues, and stack rank affiliate locations.

Industry Benchmarks

Track your performance against similar healthcare markets at a micro and macro level to see how you stack up.

Measurable ROI

Every outcome in Cortex can have a dollar ROI tied to it, driving real-time ROI reporting and insights.

Upstream Bragging

Cortex reports are designed to showcase the great work you are doing with patients, and are shareable.

Opportunities Platform

Getting started is easy


Connect EHR

The integration team at Cortex is proud to have been successful in pulling patient records from every EHR our customers have used to date. Talk to our team about supported systems (including custom data pulls).


Choose Call Frequency

Cortex can make calls to patients currently on-service or that have been discharged recently. Choose how many calls to make to each patient, and when to make them based on patient status.


Customize Call Script

We've made 500,000 calls and counting, and have a call script for almost any scenario. Start with our template or create a custom call script with our Customer Success Team.


Review Calls

Review Completed Calls and Opportunities. Each call is recorded and if you want to make adjustments to your script, just let our Customer Success team know.

About Our Nurses

With Cortex, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals can monitor, measure and improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. How do we do it? It starts with our nurse network.

We employ over 400 nurses all over the country that call patients on your behalf. Each of these nurses have been screened, insured, and trained to ensure the best call quality and patient experience.

Why nurses and not robocalls? Our average nurse has 10+ years of experience working directly with and attending to patients. They are better equipped and experienced to make recommendations once the call is completed. Healthcare providers can rate each call to help our training process.

Nurse Team
Wellness and satisfaction calls by our team of nurses

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How We're Different:

There is no shortage of platforms that surface insights for post-acute providers. Cortex doesn’t just surface insights, we act on them with you, with an eye toward full end-to-end operational improvement. As former post-acute operators ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to help your organization become a top provider in your market.

We surface information others don’t - we focus on full operational and clinical improvement, from internal staff engagement, to ensuring patients are happy and healthy at home.

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