Cortex gives skilled nursing facilities the ability to stay informed of patients post-discharge, gather valuable patient satisfaction information and provide network partners with quantitative data for key metrics.  


Don't drop the ball on a readmission

Hospitals are highly sensitive to readmissions and now SNFs are also penalized for readmissions within 100 days of admittance.

Cortex Readmission Manager allows you to receive instant alerts when one of your patients enters the ER or is admitted to a hospital. 

With this knowledge, you can predict your number of readmissions, prevent readmissions in the future and avoid penalties.


Follow-up calls have never been easier

Outsource follow-up calls to our team of registered nurses who ask both clinical and satisfaction questions. Get instant access to notes and audio recordings. Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports will give you a clear view of trends.

This allows you to discover individual patients who are not recovering well. Take action on those who might give you a low star rating or trigger a readmission.


Confidence to take on bundled payments

The Cortex Bundle Manager auto-tracks each bundled patient through the whole episode of care. A key component of this is real-time tracking of the cost-per-beneficiary.

You can have a high level of confidence in reported numbers because of our direct access to their billing system.


Discover the best performing HHAs

Through the Cortex Network System you can see how your down-stream providers are performing with individual patients and also as a whole. This includes patient status and satisfaction reports and financial cost data.

This is done in automatically, in real-time. No need to wait 18 months for CMS updates or ask for Excel spreadsheets. The data is reliable because it is not self-reported.

This gives you the ability to inform your patients about the providers that will best suit their needs.


Limit employee turnover

At nursing homes, the average nurse turnover costs over $20,000.

The Cortex satisfaction team calls your employees and gathers their feedback. This is instantly delivered anonymously. This allows you to quickly make systematic changes to improve the work environment.

Some of the questions include "What is the most rewarding part of your job?", "What is the most stressful part of your job?", "What would help you do your job better?" and "What is something that management could do to improve?"