The Cortex network allows hospitals to connect with healthcare partners in order to track and improve post-discharge care for their patients. With this, hospitals can know patient status during any point in the episode of care. Facilities can now use analytic tools to help evaluate and improve network partners' quality of care. 


Auto-track all readmissions

The Cortex Readmission Manager discovers when patients were readmitted, who had stewardship of them and why the patient had a failed recovery.

With this knowledge you can predict your number of readmissions, prevent readmissions in the future and avoid penalties.


Confidence to take on bundled payments

The Cortex Bundle Manager auto-tracks each bundled patient through the whole episode of care. A key component of this is tracking the cost-per-beneficiary at each step of the way, in real-time.

Because of our direct access to providers' billing systems, you can have a high level of confidence in the reported numbers.


Discover the best performing SNFs and HHAs

Through the Cortex Network System you can see how your downstream providers are performing with individual patients and also as a whole. This includes patient status, patient satisfaction and financial cost data.

This is done automatically, in real-time. No need to wait 18 months for CMS updates or ask for Excel spreadsheets. The data is reliable because it is not self-reported.

This gives you the ability to inform your patients about the providers that will best suit their needs.