Cortex offers a series of solutions for home health agencies to track the needs of their patients, both while on service and after discharge. You can gather this data in real-time and share with other health-care providers accountable for patient outcomes.


Prove your awesomeness with data

In the United States, 50% of home health agencies are expected to go out of business or be acquired by 2020. Failing will likely be due to the inability to keep up with regulation and stay in networks.

Home health agencies that embrace the opportunity to get ahead of the curve will win-out. Transparency is the future of health-care.

With Cortex you are able to share data with network partners automatically, in real-time. This raises the accountability and trust between you and your networks.


Follow-up calls have never been easier

Outsource follow-up calls to our team of registered nurses who ask both clinical and satisfaction questions. You can get instant access to notes and audio recordings. Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports give you a clear view of trends.

Discover dissatisfaction while on service

A surprising amount of patients have missed expectations while on home health services. Often the incident is small, like nurses being late to appointments, but too frequently something catastrophic, like not receiving their medications, can occur. Discovering this when it occurs allows you to preemptively address problems that may decrease your star rating or cause a readmission.

Discover who needs more care after discharge

Discover patients who have declined and need your services again. Our average customer brings 1-3 patients back to service each month. This is best for the patient and best for the payer.


Don't drop the ball on a readmission

Hospitals and SNFs are trusting you to take excellent care of their patients when they refer to you. Because of readmission penalties, they are betting thousands of dollars on the care you provide.

Use data to prove that you have a low readmission rate and that you will take excellent care of their patients.

Cortex Readmission Manager allows you to receive instant alerts when one of your patients enters the ER or is admitted to a hospital. Within Cortex, you can describe the scenario that lead to the patient decline to preserve your reputation with the hospital and SNF.


Improve your star rating

Through CheckUp calls, discover gaps in the care you provide. Address them before they become a serious concern that is brought up with CMS.

Systematically measure progress and improvements with Cortex. Many of our customers have happily reported significant boosts to their satisfaction ratings after implementing Cortex.


Limit employee turnover

Each nurse turnover costs over $20,000 for home health agencies.

The Cortex satisfaction team calls your employees and gathers their feedback. This is instantly delivered anonymously. This allows you to quickly make systematic changes to improve the work environment.

Some of the questions include "What is the most rewarding part of your job?", "What is the most frustrating part of your job?", "What would help you do your job better?" and "What is something that management could do to improve?"