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Employee Retention Opportunities

Turnover and understaffing are consistently the most painful post-acute challenge, but Cortex has the solution.

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Employee Retentiom from Cortex

Reward Great Employee Performance

Direct patient feedback regarding patients is the best way to identify employees who go above and beyond their responsibilities. Cortex automatically recognizes when patients give positive employee feedback and provides leaders with the opportunity to reward staff.

Employee Retention Opportunities from Cortex

Improve Employee Performance

Periodically, patients report opportunities for employees to improve. With documented feedback from patients, a performance improvement conversation becomes productive and measurable for post-acute leaders. Cortex even has a printable disciplinary form to save leaders time.

Employee Retention Opportunities from Cortex

Survey Employees

We make our survey software available to your employees. Initial survey requests are sent out via text message and email to encourage feedback. If they don't initially respond, our follow-up call staff can also survey them. These surveys provide valuable cultural feedback about your operation and the sentiment of your employees.

Cortex Platform

More Brain Power

Cortex helps you prioritize opportunities, so you have the headspace to focus on the best patient care and outcomes.

Make People Better

When employees go above and beyond, or when patients need help, take action. Cortex identifies opportunities for you to make a real impact on the lives of patients and employees.

Sharper Results

CMS and claims data are crucial to make informed decisions, but waiting can be costly. Cortex enables you with accurate data, shortening reaction time and improving agility throughout the organization.


Patient Profiles

Cortex merges patient data to create longitudinal patient profiles, enabling better understanding of a patient's history.

Secure Messaging

Messaging between providers helps post-acute providers and network partners stay on the same page throughout a patient's recovery.

Mobile Friendly

Cortex was built for providers on the go—a common scenario in the post-acute world. Cortex is available on the mobile web, including Android and iOS apps.

By Post-acute for Post-acute

As experts in the post-acute industry, we speak your language. We’ve built the platform we wish we had in your shoes.

Speedy Support

Your needs aren’t confined to the business day. When you need us, we’re available via email and 24/7 direct in-app chat.

Registered Nurse Marketplace

Staffing is tight—leverage over 150 of our registered nurses to keep your facilities running and your patients cared for.

HIPAA Compliant

The Cortex platform is built on the latest secure web and mobile technologies, with end-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit) of patient data.

Exceptional User Experience

We take user experience very seriously. Our customers rave about the ease-of-use with our products and apps.