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Mount Timpanogos

The Cortex Team

Why We Work Here:
We are passionate about improving healthcare for the grandparents of America and are making a profound impact on the part of the healthcare industry where our own grandparents are likely to receive care: post-acute (after hospital care). We will enable 1 million positive healthcare outcomes by 2022.

Riley Adamson
Founder and CEO   

Riley has a degree in product design and a passion for enabling healthcare providers to better serve patients. Riley aspires to travel to space.

Josh Albrechtsen, LNHA
Co-founder and CTO   

Previously an executive in B2B SAAS and then an SNF administrator, Josh has found a home at Cortex that marries his love of technology with post-acute care. He graduated from BYU with a BS in management information systems.

Chris Brasher, MBA

From his experience at Zillow, AuditBoard, and a Guinness World Record, Chris is always looking for creative ways to accelerate performance. He graduated from BYU with an MBA in Marketing and a BS in Entrepreneurship.

Marc Kleinman
Chief Business Officer   

Marc is a serial healthtech entrepreneur with a passion for matching technical solutions to industry problems. He can be found on weekends and early mornings photographing wildlife near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Alyssa Pitts
Customer Success Manager   

Alyssa graduated from BYU with her BSN five years ago and has been practicing as a registered nurse since then. Alyssa is very passionate about helping people and making the world a better place!

Chris Sutton, MHA, LNHA
Enterprise Account Executive   

Chris is an experienced healthcare executive with a passion for positively impacting healthcare with innovative technology. Chris graduated from Colorado State with a master's degree in healthcare administration.

Nolan Essigmann
Software Engineer   

Nolan loves learning, working on interesting problems, and, since starting at Cortex and moving to Utah, outdoor activities. He is originally from Boston, where he studied math at MIT.

Brandon Olson
Software Engineer   

Brandon graduated from BYU with a bachelor's degree in Korean and found his passion for software engineering post-graduation. He is an avid runner and sports enthusiast.

Aaron Puglisi
UX Design Lead   

Aaron has product design experience at companies like Reebok and Puma, as well as multiple startups. He has a degree in industrial design and is an adjunct professor at BYU.

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