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Pricing tailored to maximize patient outcomes and return on investment.

Patient Experience, Employee Engagement, or both?

The Cortex Platform is not only flexible on call schedules, but also on who completes your calls. Discuss with your team how you can mix and match the options below, including options to overflow to Cortex when your team can't complete all of the follow-up calls you desire? We can do it!

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    Marketing Contacts
    Home Health Content
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    Skilled Nursing Facility Content
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    ACO and CIN Content

2. State of the Art Software-as-a-Service

The Cortex Platform includes the following features (and many more not listed here). Pricing for software access if available for low monthly rates, determined by the size of the location making follow-up calls.

Software Access Fee


Per Location Per Month

Home Health Agencies: 1-49 patients
Post-Acute/LTC Facilities: 1-24 beds
Acute Care Facilities: 1-99 beds
Physician Groups: 1-4 MDs


Software Access Fee


Per Location Per Month

Home Health Agencies: 50-199 patients
Post-Acute/LTC Facilities: 25-99 beds
Acute Care Facilities: 100-299 beds
Physician Groups: 5-19 MDs


Software Access Fee


Per Location Per Month

Home Health Agencies: 200+ patients
Post-Acute/LTC Facilities: 100+ beds
Acute Care Facilities: 300+ beds
Physician Groups: 20+ MDs

Included Features
  • Web App & Mobile App
  • Opportunities Engine
  • Patient Profile and Comments
  • COVID-19 Crisis Dashboard
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Overflow to Cortex (per call fees apply)
  • Email & Push Alerts
Add-Ons (Additional Fee)
  • Hospital Alerts
  • Gift Cards
  • Condolence Flowers
  • Online Review Letters
  • Employee Experience
  • In-House Surveys
  • Network Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

*What is the difference between a call and a successful call?

A call the attempt to complete a call, whereas a successful call means something new was learned. In the overwhelming majority of successful calls, this means the Cortex Registered Nurse was able to ask questions and receive answers. Examples of other outcomes categorized as successful include learning the patient is deceased, learning the number is incorrect, or learning the patient is on-service at a new location.

What languages do you support?

English, Spanish, and Russian.

How do you handle HIPAA-compliance?

We integrate with all major and most smaller EHR systems, negating the need for you or your staff to send us patient data via insecure means. Cortex utilizes the latest in security safeguards and follows all security processes to encrypt your data at rest and in transit.

Platform Features

Included with every subscription to Cortex products and services are core features that are part of our platform and service agreement.

Opportunity Alerts
Opportunity Alerts

Real-time alerts when Cortex makes actionable discoveries to help patients, employees, and your operation.

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Reports and Analytics
Reports and Analytics

Robust analytics provide insightful trends in clinical, operational, and marketing segments.

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EMR Integration
EMR Integration

Cortex integrates with your Electronic Medical Records and Employee HR Systems.

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