CheckUp is an easy to use platform for managing and making follow-up calls. The feedback is integrated into the Cortex system for rich patient experience analysis.


Outsource to RNs

  • Our team of Registered Nurses calls your patients in your behalf and represent you.

  • They can ask both clinical and satisfaction questions.

  • If they discover an emergency they enact our Emergency Protocol to make sure the patient gets the care they need. Contacting you is part of that protocol.

  • The data collected is reliable to brag about because it is from a 3rd party.


Auto-import data

  • Importing patient data requires no work on your part.

  • CheckUp does all the hard work of integrating with your EHR to get patient data.

  • CheckUp auto-assigns a call schedule.


Customized call schedule and questions

  • Create the perfect questions and call schedule for your patients and your organization.

  • See our templates here.


Phone number masking

  • When our Registered Nurses make calls, the patients' caller ID will display your facility phone number, resulting in a higher answer rate.


Calls are recorded

  • The audio of the call is recorded for easy listening.

  • Our team of RNs leave excellent notes and indicate key concerns.


Real-time alerts

  • Within seconds of a call being complete, you'll get an email if there is a negative outcome.

  • You can listen to the audio and see the nurses notes in our easy-to-use software platform.

  • Call reports are printable for easy sharing.


Share call results with other stakeholders

  • Easily share call results with your patients' various stakeholders within our software platform.

  • Shared visibility and access results in better patient care.


Follow-up calls are proven to increase patient satisfaction

  • Patient satisfaction can increase 25% just by making a follow-up call [1].


Follow-up calls are proven to prevent readmissions

  • Readmissions have been seen to drop 30% when follow-up calls are made [2].


Discover patients who need more care

  • For home health agencies, follow-up calls are a fantastic way to discover patients who have declined and potentially qualify for more care.


[1] “Improving the Quality of Post Discharge Contacts”
The South Carolina Partnership for Health, January 2014

[2] “Impact of Post-Discharge Telephone Calls”
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