UX Designer Internship

Job Title: User Experience Design Intern
Location: Draper, UT (options to work remotely occasionally)

Cortex is looking for two UX design interns for Fall 2018. (Sept - Mid Dec 2018)

Is this internship paid?

$10/hr. Up to 20hrs a week.

What is Cortex? 

Cortex saves lives of patients who are failing to recover at home by telling their healthcare providers to take action. We've saved dozens of patient lives and prevented hundreds of readmissions. We impact thousands of patient lives every day.

What would I do?

Work with our UX team, nursing team, development team and customers to design, prototype and evaluate new tools for our users. We are a fast pace company and your work will likely go into production within weeks to months.

What kind of problems would I be solving?

We have many exciting problems to solve and they change regularly. Here are some we're working on right now:

  • When we discover a concern or opportunity, how do we make sure the right person sees it quickly?
  • How can we change our system so our Registered Nurse telephone callers record structured data from a call to a patient? 
  • How do we motivate our Registered Nurse telephone callers to make more calls? (weekly raffles? bonus structure?)
  • How would we utilize a deep neural network to assess these calls?
  • How can our analytics pages deliver immediate insights? 
  • How do we A/B test with our customers?
  • What does healthcare look like in 2030?

What skills do I need?

  • Are you punctual? detailed? creative? diligent?
  • Can you sketch ideas? prototype ideas? Explain ideas clearly?
  • Do you go above and beyond?
  • Any previous UX design experience is appreciated but not required.

Will I be treated like an intern?

Only if you act like one.

Can I be let go?

Yes. Cortex is a performance based work environment. We expect top effort and passion from all our teammates.


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